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Akash Bani

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Her new album is titled “Akash Bani”  (meaning “Words of the Ether”…the earth element). The audio from this album is centered around the Bani (writings) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Each track has beautiful sweet musical compositions and her vocals with various pauri’s (lines) from Guru Nanaks’s Japji  Sahib.

universal words of Guru Nanak speak truth which is beyond, time,
religion or cultural background. By reciting and experiencing this
universal oneness, we all come closer together in spirit. Listen, sing,
chant and feel as Guru Nanak must have felt in his state of higher
consciousness when he uttered these words.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Mool Mantra 1:16 7,531 1
EL Uno (Sochai Soch Na Hovaee) 5:27 5,352 2
Sunie 6:07 13,525 3
Asan 5:16 1,554 4
Asank Naav 4:02 7,120 5
Amrit Vela 5:15 10,168 6
Manne 3:33 1,438 7
Anahat 4:51 4,062 8
Sach Kand 5:58 2,391 9
Shabd (Jath Pahara Deeraj Suniay) 2:29 4,999 10
Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru 8:55 4,380 11