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Ancient Keeper

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Ancient Keeper is Siri’s sixth music Cd, and is inspired by the kundalini tradition as taught by
Yogi Bhajan,  these mantras are a transformative tool for health and
healing. This project is a collaboration with some of Siris favourite friends
and musicians. ‘Ancient keeper’ is dedicated to her long standing love and
close work with Sobonfu
who as a first line teacher of the Dagara people of West
Africa, passionately served the ancient indigenous teachings of her tribe,
sobonfu died this year 2017.

This album expresses
a unique sound whilst blending
and being uplifted by the collective resonance, rhythm and vibration.Through mantra we
change time and space, experiencing our infinite power, transforming and
enriching heart, mind and soul. We
elevate and experience our deepest consciousness. This music penetrates the
senses whilst giving an experience of dynamic joyful connection.

You can download the album from SpiritVoyage by clicking the below link.

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Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Darti Hey 5:38 1,505 1
Ap Sahai 11:35 4,376 2
Ardas Bahee 11:01 1,613 3
Sat Nam Wahe Guru 4:22 2,456 4
Fifth Pauree 6:06 3,018 5
Mother Child 4:40 800 6
Ra Ra 11:17 1,206 7
Wahe Guru 4:51 19,766 8