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Dya Singh at the Aukland Sikh Youth Camp

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Dya Singh an Jatha recorded live at the 2010 Aukland, Sikh Youth Samelan. This album features Dya Singh's famous recording of Mera Nal Hai. You can buy the complete album on CD or MP3s here at Dya Singh's website.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
So Satgur Pyara Mere Nal Hai 20:01 9,786 1
Charan Chelo Marag Gobind 13:02 2,100 2
Hau Gasayeen Dha Pehelvaneda 12:16 3,269 3
Basant Rut Ayee (Abh Kelu Ayo Re) 8:12 16,670 4
Taati Vao n Lagayi 16:13 11,949 5