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Good Company

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best company is the the company of your good self and the company of the
people that are good influences in your life. Every time i enter the
space of the recording studio with Thomas Barquee, my producer, I feel
the power to reach out to all of you through the sacred and healing
music of Mantra and Shabd.
It is a very transformative experience to enter into a process of
creativity as we dedicate and to open up to the Infinite. We start with a
prayer and an attitude of surrender. We have worked together on 15 cd
albums to date and the process of recording is definitely a spiritual
My friend, Dave Douglas, who happens to be one of the world's best
trumpet players as well as a Kundalini Yogi, played on track #5 called
WAHE GURU. I could not imagine trumpet accompany Mantra music. But I
knew if anybody could make it work it would be Dave. He has studied
Indian Classical Raga and traveled to Calcutta with Pundit Samir
Chatterjee, the famous tabla master. So this is one of my favorite
tracks as it exudes such joy and originality.
The sweet facile voice of Sirgun Kaur joins me with some wonderful aria
or Alaaps. Sirgun is a wonderful female singer with a great gift of
expansiveness in her singing.
You may not know that I love Deva Premal's music when I need to relax,
and I love to bike ride to Prem Joshua's DANCE OF SHAKTI. So I really
put my heart into putting down some Sikh Shabds with all the bells and
whistles of funky percussion of Tripp Dudley, sweet flute of Steve Gorn.
So there is a lot of musical variety and merging of the Indian
classical Raga type sounds and Western classical sounds. The track of
"Ray Man eh Bidh Jog" is an old remake of the Shabd Yogi Bhajan asked
Guru Shabd Singh Khalsa to compose for healing and for guiding the mind
into understanding Yoga. There are so many memories of groups of us
going to the bedside of someone needing healing that we would sing this
"Re Man...." for.

This is a sweet collection of what I call empowering music. You can
sing, dance, certainly meditate and do yoga to this music as well as
just relax and rejoice.
We are all better people because of the good company we keep.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Mere Sahiba 8:39 3,471 1
Adays Tisai Adays 6:59 3,194 2
Nasaro Mansoor Gur 7:35 4,954 3
Ray Man Eh Bidh 5:18 2,124 4
Satnam Wahe Guru 6:36 2,410 5
Kio Singaar 7:31 1,418 6
Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur 6:59 11,787 7