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Japuji Sahib English Explanation

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English explanation of Sikh Holy Scriptures Jap(u) Ji Sahib:

  • The Striking Message for Modern Times
  • Explained using Gurbani
  • Initiates spiritual communication among the family

For many years, I have been reciting Jap(u) Ji Sahib as a part of my schedule. But one day, I was reading and realized I didn’t really understand what I am reading. I had heard that the whole message of Gurbani is contained within it, but I always wondered how the 1430 pages of Shri Guru Granth Sahib could be contained in the Jap(u) Ji Sahib. After reading and reflecting upon the Bani, I was amazed: not only does Jap(u) Ji Sahib contain the message of all of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, it goes further in describing the Khands (realms of spiritual progression). Still, attempting to understand this Bani was a tremendous task. But with the Guru’s Kirpa (Blessing), we were given an opportunity to understand.

Our approach was to understand Gurbani with Gurbani. We often spent weeks on a single ank, trying to find out what Guru Nanak Dev Jee was saying. We consulted many sources, but with an underlying rule: the meaning should not contradict any fundamental principles of Gurbani. With this mindset, and with a little bit of reflection, we moved forward, trying to understand the mysteries of Jap(u)Ji Sahib.

Guru Sahib not only told us about the Khands as a matter of spiritual theory, but also told us a practical way of achieving these states. For example, in the last ank, Guru Jee explains how we can earn spiritual progress by forming a mint (taksal) within for coining the Shabad through intense spiritual practice.

 Sometimes, the sheer simplicity and depth of the Bani struck me. In the verse “Salahee Salahe Eti Surti Na Paieyaa, Nadia Atey Vah Pavey Samund Na Janiye,” Guru Nanak Dev Jee gives a beautiful analogy. Just as rivers, despite becoming one with the ocean, never find its end, devotees of God, despite becoming one with God, cannot fully comprehend God’s glory and vastness. God is an infinite ocean: the ultimate experience.

In some cases, Gurbani served as a direct translation of the Japu Ji sahib. For example, I often wondered what Guru Nanak Dev Jee meant by “Suniye.” What should we listen to? Is it to the sounds around us? What is Guru jee saying? Having these questions in mind and with a spirit of reflection, we found that the Sarang Ki Vaar by Guru Ram Das Jee contained the answer: “Nai Suniye Sabh Sidh Hai Rid Pichey Aavey.” By listening to the name of God, we attain vast spiritual powers. This Vaar also explained Maniye: “Nai Maniye Haumai Gayee Sabh Rog Gavaya.”By enshrining God’s Name within, all selfishness departs, and all diseases are lost.

After completing the project, we went on a trip to India to meet with an organization that was interested in our project. Sarab Sanjhi Gurbani, and we are thankful for their support. They immediately recognized the potential of the message and pledged their support in advancing it for the benefit of the community.

I feel privileged to be the inheritor of the world’s greatest spiritual teaching: Jap(u) Ji Sahib. The universality, simplicity, and practicality of the message struck me most. Trying to understand it with a spirit of reflection was like pouring a bucket of cold water on my head: it woke me up to the things I was missing out on. The goodness of all religions is contained within it, and it is a treasure for any true seeker of God. No matter how much one reflects upon it, it is deeper still.

Even though the original intent was something else, we gave it to fellow Americans, and they said they could understand it almost completely. We hope that these recordings are helpful in creating awareness about Guru Nanak Dev Jee’s divine message, and we pray that God give us the strength to follow the message ourselves.

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