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Long Time Sun

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Hawker and Debra Clifford have been playing unique, traditionally-based
mountain music as "The Lonesome Sisters" since 2002, producing 4 CD's
and touring the country. In 2009, Sarah was introduced to Kundalini
Yoga chants and mantras and felt an immediate connection between the
Primitive Baptist tradition of her family and the yogi's use of sound as
a vehicle for opening unique, healing spaces for both the chanters and
listeners. This inspired her to take teacher training with Harijiwan
Khalsa, where she developed a yogic practice founded on the notion that
sound can transform. Her mantra recordings with Debra Clifford draw on
their background in traditional American Roots music, using sparse,
acoustic instrumentation and intensive, bare vocal harmonies to open
meditative spaces.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
38th Pauree (Japji) 7:06 3,427 1
Guru Ram Das Chant 5:21 3,093 2
Wahe Banjo (Waheguru) 2:25 4,627 3
Ra Ma Da Sa 11:21 1,338 4
Ardas Bhaee 3:40 1,599 5
Chattr Chakkr Varti 11:30 5,945 6
Rumi Banjo 4:29 754 7
Sat Narayan 7:02 1,347 8
Long Time Sun 3:18 1,532 9