The Music Within

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The Music Within is a wonderful album for mantra meditation and devotional chanting. We have three tracks available on the Gurbani Media Center, but the album has 7 tracks in all and you can buy it here at Spirit Voyage.

First up is “Aad Guray Nameh,” which shares a lovely back-and-forth between Sat Darshan and Sirgun. It starts out with light percussion and guitar track to accompany the mantra, and builds from there. “Gobinday” and “Aap Sahaee” are intended for 11 minute meditations, so they are done in a fairly simple vocal style. But the instrumentals make sure that these two tracks are never boring, with a fun pop-rock feel to “Gobinday” and a sultry, jazzy saxophone in “Aap Sahaee.” The track “Dhan Su Vela” has a very traditional feel instrumentally, and is a nice chance to hear Sat Darshan's strong vocals.

In addition to the wonderful tracks for meditation, The Music Within offers three tracks that showcase the brilliant partnership of Sat Darshan Singh and the Kirtan Caravan with Sirgun Kaur. “Bliss (I am the Light of My Soul)” combines English with Gurbani, as Sirgun sings the English mantra “I am the Light of My Soul” and Sat Darshan breaks in with Anand Sahib. The layering of the many voices, and the layering of the languages of English and Gurbani are so sweet and lovely.

“Bless the Good (Sat Guru Prasad)” is another wonderful combination of English and Gurbani. The track reminds us that goodness is all around us, and also within us. The Siri Mantra brings that goodness home to rest in our hearts, and helps us to live the truth of our own light. Sirgun and Sat Darshan end the track on a very soothing note, with several rounds of “Sat Nam.” My only regret is that the song had to end at all!

The closing song of The Music Within, “Heart Mantras,” may also be the strongest track on the album. Sirgun's voice is open and full as she sings the Guru Ram Das mantra, and that openness and warmth continue to grow as she sings. As the song progresses through the Mahamantra and “Shri Krishna Govinda” Sat Darshan and the Caravan join in kirtan style. The climax of the track is a joyful layering of the two mantras, which then resolves into a reprise of Guru Ram Das before fading away. “Heart Mantras” closes The Music Within on an incredible high note that always makes me want to hit the repeat button.

The Music Within is truly a wonderful album. The love and care Sirgun Kaur and Sat Darshan Singh put into this album is evident on every track, and it's a pleasure to listen to. Yoga music lovers can only hope that they will continue to collaborate in the future, so we can reap the benefits of their work together! To find out more about Sat Darshan Singh and the Kirtan Caravan, Sirgun Kaur, and The Music Within check out today!