Sacred Circle

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Sacred Circle

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Sacred Circle, produced by Thomas Barquee is a beautiful rendition of Gurmukhi chant mantras and is Amrit Kirtan' s debut into the new age and chant market. An introspective album, Sacred Circle carries you on a gentle breeze with its warm vocals, rolling instrumentals and whispering flute. Each track on this album comes from an ancient meditative practice and embodies its own individual energetic elements.


An introspective chant album, Sacred Circle features warm, feminine vocals of Amrit Kirtan. Classically trained, she brings a special purity and signature sound to traditional Sikh mantras. Several exceptional musicians support her gentle vocals in high style. Dominic Breaux's sensitive flute melodies sometimes whisper, and at other times soar. Girish provides a gentle percussive rhythm throughout, while Thomas Barquee is featured on the album as both the producer and keyboardist. This is contemplative music. Throughout, the music is slow, gentle, and consistent, taking you tenderly along. The arrangements have a buoyant, Mediterranean feel that carry you like a gentle breeze on a sea of tranquility. Yet the import of the songs is deep and clear --Bette Timm, Aurah Magazine, April 2007

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