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Shabd I

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This music is in the Classical North Indian
music systems of Raag set to the powerful meditative system of words
called "Shabd". Shabd and Raag combined together give us a powerful
system of notes, scales and words that give the listener an expanded
experience of self. In this work, the masterful use of sound and rhythm
combined with the words of "Shabd" give the listener the impact of the
song as a meditation or prayer.

The first Shabd or song is
"Mangala Saaj Bhai-aa", which you can use for finding your soul mate
and overcoming lonliness (Raag Bilawal).

The second Shabd "Narayan" you can use for prosperity and abundence (Raag Dhanasari).

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Mangala Saaj Bhaiaa 20:04 12,211
Narayan Sadh 27:04 6,337