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Silent Moonlight Meditation

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Gurunam Singh`s second album will crack your
heart wide open to receive it`s soothing, healing vibration. Beloved
for his smooth, rich voice, Gurunam`s music takes you deep into the
heart of the sacred sound current. Silent Moonlight Meditation features
Gurmukhi mantras and devotional songs that weave together Gurunam`s
folk musical style with a fusion of Indian and Western instruments to
create music you will want to listen to endlessly.

Gurunam embarked on an inner and outer journey, traveling to the
villages of India to live with a community of devoted Nihang Sikhs while
creating the music on this album. This album is an amazing fruit of
that intense experience, and the pure spirit and humility of his
experience ring through on every note.

Producer Hans Christian teamed up with Gurunam again on this album to
create a follow up to The Journey Home that is clearly the incredible
evolution we`ve all been waiting for on the journey of this incredible
musician and devoted student of life. Gurunam has harnessed the
musical devotion that has built in his music over the last 15 years. You
will hear flavors of Krishna Das and James Taylor in the deep, smooth
textures of Gurunam`s voice.

Produced by Hans Christian

Gurunam Singh- lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium, location recording in India
Simrit Kaur- harmony vocals
Priytham Hari- acoustic and electric guitars, 12 string guitar
Todd Hammes- tablas, frame drums, cahoun, tambourine, darbuka, kartals
Wynne Paris- sarod
Hans Christian- cello, sarangi, sitara, nyckelharpa, bass, tibetan bowls, kartals and other percussion, drum
programming, keyboards

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Aad Guray Nameh 7:48 9,554 2
Jai Te Gung 7:26 15,699 6
Sat Nam Ji 7:04 7,876 8
Naam 6:17 9,775 9