"I am a middle aged adult brought up in a Sikh family in UK. I don't speak Punjabi and have found your children's videos, audio English version of Guru Granth Sahib and stories very informative. It has made me more aware of what it means to be a Sikh and how I can become a better Sikh. Thank you so much! " –Mohinder F

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Waheguru Bol Pyarea

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Rediscover the classic Sikh hymns, set to traditional melodies and performed with the unique style and sound Dya Singh.

Step back in time with this specially-sponsored album of old Sikh melodies
- reproduced in Dya Singh's distinctive world-music style. Older
generations of Sikhs will love this collection of shabads, featuring
golden Sikh melodies of yesteryear, plus a 15-minute rendition of
'Waheguru Bole Pyarea' (Recite the Name of God, O Devotee), led
by Dya Singh's own daughters, Parvyn and Harsel.

Album Tracks