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Gurbani Shabads from Ang 853

To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Play Title Album Artist Length Plays
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Le Taren Kaur (UK) 4:56 2,381
Kirpa Dhaar (Raag Bilawal) Shivpreet Singh 4:34 4,362
Bushfires - Jagat Jalenda Rakh Lai - Dya Singh... Dya Singh (Australia) 4:45 4,252
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Bhai Harnaam Singh (Srinagar) 4:27 6,801
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Ichhaa Purakh Sarab Sukhdaataa Har Chardikala Jatha 8:45 12,606
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Aapni Kirpa Dhaar Bhai Jatinderpal Singh Khalsa (UK) 6:47 1,277
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Bhai Balwinder Singh (Delhi) 7:33 1,038
jagat jalanda rakh le apni kirpa dhar Bhai Gurmeet Singh Shant 7:14 6,257
Jagath Jalandhaa Rakh Lai Boston Chapter Children (Gurmat Sangeet Project) 6:16 261
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Le Har Kirtan Hi Triptaavei (vol. 2) Bhai Hari Singh 8:43 3,932
Burning Along (2003) Dya Singh (Australia) 4:43 3,053
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Le Sant Kee Chaal Wahe Guru Kaur (WAH!) 7:42 3,740
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Little Khalsa 1:45 6,299
Jagat jalanda rakh lai Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Bhai Manpreet Singh Mehatpur Wale 6:03 1,443
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Various Artists 4:53 6,569
SIMRAN-Rakh Lai (03Oct2016) Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 30:19 2,048
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Ley Apni Kirpa Dhar (20Mar2020) Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 20:20 1,865
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Le (shabad explanation) Taren Kaur (UK) 2:15 1,261
SIMRAN-Apunee Kirapaa Dhhaar Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Amritvela Trust) 24:25 5,913
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lei Bhale Amardas Gun Tere Bhai Surinder Singh Jodhpuri 7:29 4,027
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Le Ji Pran Sukhdatia Bhai Harnaam Singh (Srinagar) 7:40 5,821
Jagat Jalanda Raakh Ley Bhai Jagtar Singh (Hazuri Ragi) 4:44 15,224
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Aapni Mehar Kar Dr Gurnam Singh 7:09 1,586
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lae Baatan Hee Asman Giraveh Bhai Harcharan Singh Khalsa (Hazuri Ragi) 6:55 8,362
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Le Bhai Daljit Singh (Damdami Taksaal) 9:31 2,220
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai Gurpreet Kaur Collection Volume 1 Gurpreet Kaur (Mohali) 27:44 5,375
Jagat Jalanda Raakh Lea Bhai Harbans Singh (Jagadhari) 15:37 1,931
jagat_jalandha_raakh_lai Awakening Your Soul Bhai Lehna Singh 7:57 2,049
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Bhopinderpal Singh (Kuwait) 4:17 1,246
Jagat Jalanda Rakh Lai-Atam Ras Kirtan v01 Atam Ras Kirtan Sant Anoop Singh (Una Sahib) 9:45 3,129


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