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"It's hard to say when the concept of anhad was born. Some of us would say it was when we first heard satpal and his friends play at the first Across The Universe. Some when we started doing kirtan together on kirtan on wheels programs. Some would say it was when we first heard rahat and pearl jam perform 'the long road'. some when we performed at the 2nd Across The Universe. some even when virji kirpal from penang taught us how to play pavan guru on the guitar. and finally some, the day we jammed with karam for the first time.

See up till then, it was still a pretty loose concept, the whole group. but then we asked karam to sort of join our next practice at jasdev's place. it was totally awesome, and we had a great time, and that was it. until just before we all left, karam popped the famous question. "so, when's the next practice?".

The name 'Anhad' was suggested by Hargobind's Mum, Jaswinder Kaur, and it fit like a glass slipper when we all heard it for the first time. the unstruck melody.

All these years we wanted to create this dream, and who would have thought we'd all end up being family. first cousins. haha! and what's even cooler is that we all happen to be Amritdharis. awesomeness!!

We usually have about 3 to 4 practices a month in each others homes, more even if we have an event coming up. the plan is to compile material for a CD with a planned December 2010 release.

we love you guys for your support! satnam and cheers" - Anhad Malaysian Sikh Rock Band



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Title Length Plays
Waheguru 7:22 4,732
Nameh 8:05 2,538
Har Har Waheguru 8:31 2,068
Mangla Charan 6:56 1,997
Ardaas Bhaee 7:46 1,455
Pavan Guru 7:10 1,346
Ik Oangkar 5:57 1,269
Hari Namaste Hari Name 9:56 1,170
Shaan 9:01 1,118
Sagal Dwar 9:20 1,019