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Baljit Singh (Basics of Sikhi)

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Baljit Singh is one of the lead Parcharak for Basics of Sikhi based up in Birmingham and is also involved with managing our organisation. He came into Sikhi in 1997, when the Guru changed his life completely! He quite quickly built a close relationship with Gurbani, which continues to this day. After some years, he decided to start sharing the knowledge Guru Sahib had blessed him with and started running programs from home and occasional Katha. Jagraj Singh spotted him doing Katha on the Sikh Channel and then asked him to join Basics of Sikhi in 2013. His biggest source of inspiration and strength is Guru Sahib’s Bani and if Guru wills, hopes for the rest of this life to remain immersed in nothing but Gurbani.

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