Bhai Gurmej Singh (Hazoori Ragi)

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Bhai Gurmej Singh, who himself is blind, had started transcription of the holy book of Sikhs into Braille script in 2000. It took him 12 years to accomplish the task.

He retired from his job in 1998 and started working on the project. However, he felt the need to transcribe Sri Guru Granth Sahib after he faced trouble over correct pronunciation of some words during my job. Hence he had decided to transcribe the holy book into Braille language, so that all blind people could read it,”

The transcribed version was produced in 18 volumes and had already been made available at five centres, including three blind home-cum-schools.

Bhai Gurmej Singh is also Huzoori Ragi at Sri Harmandir Sahib.