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Bhai Kishanpal Singh

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"Bhai Kishanpal Singh hails from the lineage of Rababi Kirtanias who used to sing at Gurdwara Janam Asthan Sri Nankana Sahib. He is the younger brother of Bhai Mohanpal Singh of the famous duo 'Bhai Prithipal Ji & Bhai Mohanpal Ji'. He used to play the tabla with them and after the passing of Bhai Prithipal Singh, he joined Bhai Mohanpal Ji on the side baja. He formed his own jatha after the death of Bhai Mohanpal Singh. Bhai Kishanpal Singh is a very talented and versatile singer who is very adept at singing in raag. However, he was best known for singing in the hindi film Kohram, in which he sang 'Baba Nanak Dukhiyan De Naath Ve'. He passed away in 2007 before attaining the age of 50."

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