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Bhai Shamsher Singh Zakhmi

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Bhai Sahib was the younger brother of the noted Bhai Dharam Singh
Zakhmi Ji. Both used to sing together as a Jatha for several decades.
Following Bhai Dharam Singh’s passing away in the late 70′s/early 80′s,
Bhai Shamsher Singh formed a new Jatha and continued singing their
family’s reets. Most of the following MP3s were recorded during his
trips to Kenya or New Jersey in the 1980′s. Many also contain detailed
Kathas of Bhai Sahib explaining the Shabad being sung as well as other
relevant Gurmat topics and history.

In the Picture - Bhai Shamsher Singh Zakhmi Ji and his Jatha in New York (l - r Bhai Mohanpal Singh, Bhai Shamsher Singh Zakhmi, Akaal Singh on Tabla)

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