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Bhai Surjit Singh (Long Island)

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Bhai Surjit Singh is easily one the finest Ragis in the
world today. One of the senior students of Gyani Dyal Singh Ji, Bhai Surjit
Singh is blessed with a deep sonorous voice which he uses very effectively
to sing a broad repertoire of Gurmat Sangeet compositions. Bhai Surjit
Singh is particularly adept at singing Partals, which are a vanishing
musical form. His repertoire also includes a large number of Dhrupad compositions.
The Gurmat Sangeet Project is proud to feature many recordings by Bhai
Surjit Singh. The kirtan was recorded live, in the huzuri of the Sri Guru
Granth Sahib at the Bridgewater Gurdwara in New Jersey in the mid 1990s
and at the New England Study Circle, Milford Gurdwara in 2003.


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