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The 2-CD set includes a 24 page colour booklet with clear illustrations and explanations to guide you through a Breathwalk. Each CD contains 3 tracks: 1 for a moderate paced Breathwalk, 1 for a more vigorous Breathwalk and 1 guided meditation (Integration Phase). The first CD has a voiceover which leads the listener through the phases of a Breathwalk. The second CD is an instrumental version and is equally suited to a yoga class or a relaxing meditation. 'Inner Calm' was produced in Paul Simm's London studio by Paul Simm and Hari Karam Singh and features virtuoso violist Matt Jones. The music is cool and contemporary, energising and uplifting and is a unique addition to the current body of spiritually influenced music.

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Title Length Plays
Sa-ta-na-ma Brisk (Ringtone) 0:26 95,896
Moderate Pace 34:50 11,911
Brisk Pace 33:52 10,886
Inner Walk 6:43 8,828