Dakini Mandarava

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In sanskrit, ‘dakini’ literally means ‘sky dancer.’ Within Buddhim, dakini is a term applied to Tantrica, Yogini - advanced female practioners of tantra/yoga, some of whom may be said to be deities, that seem to appear and disappear at will. In literary terms, the dakini are said to represent wisdom, and a creative, feminine energy. It is said that dakini mediate between the words of the buddhas, the human, and the “hells”.

Mandarava is a Tibetan word for a red-blooming “Coral” tree.

Dakini Mandarava is the dakini consort of Padmasambhava (aka Padma Raja and Lian Hua Sheng Shang Shi), the “scon Buddha” of the Nyingma school of Buddhism.

Dakini Mandarava is also a Japanese ambient/trace artist, featured on “Secrets of Zen: Japanese Chill-out Volume 1”

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