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Dr Gurnam Singh

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Dr.Gurnam Singh, is the youngest son of renowned Shiromani ragi Bhai Uttam Singh. Dr Singh, born into a family of famous Kirtankars, was introduced to kirtan at an early age by his father. Later, he studied kirtan under the famous Professor Tara Singh of Patiala.

A beautiful collection of Shabads in Raags (musical compositions) according to Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Raag Guldasta - Bouquet of Raags) and with the grace of Guru, for the first time, he has presented a complete recording of 31 main Raags forms mentioned in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib for the students, researchers and listeners of Gurbani.

Hindustani classical vocalist ‘Singh Bandhu’ Surinder Singh says, “With his contributions, Gurnam Singh has become an institution of music. He has done more work than dozens of institutions put together.”

At present, Singh is busy establishing the Sant Sucha Singh Archives of Music in the Gurmat Sangeet Bhawan of the Punjabi University. All the singing styles of ragaas, by noted ragis and other artists, are being preserved in it for posterity, as well as for researchers’ benefit. An online music library is also being planned.

“The only goal of my life is to make people aware of the true value of Gurmat Sangeet,” says Singh. Luckily for the fans of Gurmat Sangeet, he seems to be succeeding.