Gian Singh Surjit

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Gian Singh Surjit (August 1941- 20 October 2006) was a husband, father, brother, friend and mentor - a shining hope to all those who knew him. He was a fountain of wisdom and good humour, and a truly inspiring individual. He was born in August 1941 in Moranwali, Punjab, India.

He lost his eyesight at the age of two and a half and continued his life as a blind individual, with much knowledge and goodness to share. Despite the loss of his sight, Gian Singh Surjit Ji went on to study music with Komal Ji, a respected music professor, in Punjab. He had a gift for music, and excelled as a student from an early age.

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Esee Preet Karo 8:01 3,704
Ham Nehee Changea 10:55 2,614
Mero Sundar 10:33 2,302