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Giani Thakur Singh

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Giani Thakur Singh (Patiala wale Damdami Taksal wale) is a well known Katha-char
(one who presents katha and lectures on Sikhism) and classical
religious Punjabi artist. He is well known for his melodious kirtan and traditional katha, such as the very popular Ithaas Paatshahi Dasvin (History of Tenth Guru), only one of the more than 30 albums this master Katha-char has produced.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
0001-Ang-0001-Pankti-01 38:54 281,207
Anand Sahib 16:25 145,805
Japji Sahib 29:32 140,835
0002-Ang-0001-Pankti-05 36:54 98,644
Benti Chaupai 8:22 86,369
Rehras Sahib 31:23 81,720
Jaap Sahib 26:32 78,037
Shabad Hazare 8:23 71,542
Sukhmani Sahib - Part 1 44:12 70,602
Kirtan Sohila 4:35 66,176