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Guru Dass Singh

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Guru Dass Singh traveled the world, teaching and sharing his music. He trained hundreds of Kundalini Yoga teachers in courses he led in different countries. Guru Dass was a long-time, and a highly experienced, Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, and one of Yogi Bhajan's early students. He met him in 1971 at the age of 17.

He was a passionate and heartfelt musician. Yogi Bhajan said that when he heard His music it was so arresting that his mala stopped.

Guru Dass's music has opened hearts and touched the souls of thousands of people around the world. He departed this earthly abode in 2017. His love and dedication to Sikh Dharma was such that, even while knowing he was in the last stages of cancer, he traveled to Bali to teach and inspire the international group of students

You can read a beautiful remembrance of Guru Dass Singh by Tarn Taran Singh here.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Walking up the Mountain 7:52 10,075
Flowers in the Rain 5:30 8,723
Chanting Sat Nam 5:15 3,485
Song of Nanak 4:28 2,957
Never Again (1984) 5:48 2,886
All Around the World 4:32 2,850
Freedom 3:59 2,497
Ode to Guru Gobind Singh 5:51 2,326
Ram Das Puri 5:26 2,045
Siblings of Destiny 3:38 2,011