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Hans Raj Hans

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Hans Raj Hans stands tall among all Sufi singers, with his unusual ability to present this genre of music in its truest form. His voice and style of singing is indeed suited to Sufi renditions. This noted Sufi artist is a Padam Shree Awardee, the highest civilian award, presented by Hon’ble President of India Mrs. Pratibha Patil for his inimitable and significant contribution in the field of music. Has Raj Hans is most versatile in his singing and this has been time and again proven by his various singing styles not only in Punjabi folk but also in Punjabi movies, classical and Bollywood music. However, due to his immense love for Sufism, he has dedicated his life to Sufism and to let it grow and live in the hearts of people forever. 

His performances have not only established him as a musical treasure in his own country, India, but have gained him worldwide fame. In appreciation of his contribution to Sufiana Singing, San Jose University, California, USA had appointed him as visiting Professor of Sufism. A recipient of numerous honors from the beginning. He was awarded Punjab State Singer Award (Raj Gayak) by the Punjab Government. He has been conferred lifetime fellowship by Punjabi University, Patiala, in recognition of his originality and versatility.