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Indi Kaur

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Indi Kaur is a vocalist, songwriter and composer.
Representing her portion of the underground music scene, Indi Kaur has
collaborated with Atki2, Pinch Forensics, MaJiKer, Phaeleh, Moldy, Paul
Kwitek, and with these producers she has releases on a range of white
labels -as well as having had a remix done by Talvin Singh.
Having had two albums released Indi Kaur describes her own music as a
melting pot of distinctive flavours exploring musical tinges of the
‘other’. Her attachment to voice and melody is reflected in her pursuit
for common/ traditional as well as experimental approaches to sonic art
forms, mostly conceptual. Indi Kaur has performed acoustic as well as
electronic live sets on a local and global level. She has sung
extensively with French singer Camille and supported bands such as
Flook.Most recently Indi provided music for a documentary titled,‘
Musafer’, which was premiered at the Spinning Wheel Film Festival in
the USA. Indi Kaur obtained BA Honours in Music from Dartington College
of Arts and gained an MA in Ethnomusicology from SOAS, University of
London. When not on stage or in a recording space Indi Kaur works
extensively in education, alongside critically acclaimed Composer ,
Andrew Toovey. She is a qualified Teacher of Music and committed to
inspiring young people through creativity.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Sacrifice (Guru Gobind Singh) 4:10 18,976
A Khalsa Woman (Mai Bhago) 3:45 18,338
Mool Mantra 31:43 14,063
Intro (Guru Nanak) 3:49 10,927
Keep on walking (Guru Nanak) 4:00 7,963
Outro (Guru Mantra and Mool Mantra) 6:10 6,171
Mountain of a Man (Baba Deep Singh) 4:02 5,424