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KauRas is a London based vocal trio formed and headed by award-winning composer and vocalist Deepa Nair Rasiya, together with two emerging young artistes - the phenomenally gifted vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer Nimrita Kaur Rasiya (otherwise known as ThatLeoGirl) and the talented vocalist Meera Kaur  who are both grand-daughters of the renowned and pioneering UK-based Kirtani Giani Gurdyal Singh Rasiya. 
KauRas seeks primarily to promote spirituality through music, featuring elements from Indian classical Ragas and simpler contemporary and folk melodies all interspersed with Western style harmonies and arrangements. 
Formed in 2015, KauRas has, in its extensive repertoire, material from the Sikh scriptures, from the Bhakti and Sufi traditions and also Western traditional hymns. 
September 2016 sees the release of KauRas's first Single, 'Nanak Naam' - a Sikh Shabad from the sacred Gurbani. The recording was almost entirely self produced by the trio: with arrangements, recording and engineering by Nimrita and original music composed by Deepa. 
KauRas's vision is to produce and perform sacred music to help spread the concept of unity in Faiths globally. 
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