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Khoj Gurbani

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KhojGurbani is an online platform with a mission to make the Guru Granth Sahib accessible to and exciting for the common Sikh—who wants to read Gurbani but does not have the tools and a support network to do so. While KhojGurbani will engage Sikhs globally in discussion on specific sections of Guru Granth Sahib every week, it will also spearhead the development of a crowdsourced commentary and a new idiomatic English translation.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Jo Mangah Thakur Apune Te 52:18 11,585
Naam - Episode 01 1:00:30 7,535
Pati Torai Malini 47:31 7,312
Bisar Gai Sabh Tat Parai 50:30 5,057
Satigur Ki Seva Saphal Hai 50:16 4,996
Haumai - Episode 01 1:01:10 4,928
Naam - Episode 05 1:04:31 4,035
Tera Keya Mitha Lagai 50:38 3,894
Laav 4 49:51 3,721
Japji Sahib Pauri 1 55:45 3,534