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Natalie Flowers (Sohan Kaur)

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she was three years old, Natalie Flowers was able to pick out songs
that she heard on the piano. At six, she began the long journey with
classical piano lessons and joined choirs wherever she was. She made her
first actual record album at 13 years of age and started playing guitar
at 19. In 1989 she started her own production company, released several
recordings, became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in 2001, and in 2009
released her first chant Cd, the 25th Pauri. Yogi Bhajan named her Sohan Kaur. It means “your inner beauty is you.” After
her first experience with the healing power of the Naad, she started
traveling across the country in a pick-up truck, practicing chants while
driving along many vast and beautiful  landscapes.  Later she became a
massage therapist.  Her focus continues to be healing and the many
facets and lessons that accompany that experience. She
believes in the transformational power of the Naad and longs to create
more chant music in the future with the vision that the healing power of
music can assist people across the planet to wholly embrace light, 
grace, and peace, accompanied by the gentle sounds originally written in
poems by the beautiful Sikh Gurus.


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Title Length Plays
25th Pauri (solo) 12:08 4,242
25th Pauri (feat. Tony Barker) 12:32 3,777



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