Pavan Kaur

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Pavan Kaur from Argentina debuts her new album Akash Bani, which is a perfect framework for her light and wonderful voice, she has found a direct way into the hearts of many listeners.

This is Mantra Music from another sphere – light, playful, easily dancing and airily as an elves’ round dance, Pavan Kaur loosens up the genre of spiritual mantra music with a new flair which is deliberately not holding back that certain South American touch, but crafts it into a musical experience which remains free from any heaviness.

At the European Yoga Festival, newcomer Pavan Kaur sat on the stage alone with her guitar and created a run for her CD after playing only one single song. The compositions are all nicely diversified and set a new musical standard. Woven into this excellent framework is her light, bright and joyful voice, carrying a sweetness that remains part of the whole, bigger picture throughout all tracks.

Her music sets a refreshing new standard in the genre of spiritual mantra music.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Sunie 6:07 13,217
Amrit Vela 5:15 9,996
Mool Mantra 1:16 7,369
Asank Naav 4:02 6,845
EL Uno (Sochai Soch Na Hovaee) 5:27 5,221
Shabd (Jath Pahara Deeraj Suniay) 2:29 4,935
Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru 8:55 4,235
Anahat 4:51 3,999
Sach Kand 5:58 2,302
Asan 5:16 1,499