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Prof Paramjot Singh

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Born in 1947, Prof. Paramjot Singh Ji is a wonderful kirtaniya, who was closely associated with Bhai Sahib Samund Singh Ji. He is also the custodian of the Punjab and Sind Bank Devotional Music Archives in Jalandhar, which contains many invaluable recordings of old school Ragis such as Bhai Sahib Samund Singh Ji. Prof. Paramjot Singh Ji obtained his early Talim in Gurmat Sangeet from his father Gyani Inder Singh Ji. Subsequently he was a student of Shri Des Raj Ji. Professor Paramjot Singh Ji also had the good fortune of absorbing Bhai Sahib Samund Singh Ji's gayaki, which he has continued to propogate under the aegis of the Swar Samund Academy that he established.

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