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Sant Amar Singh (Nanaksar)

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 Baba Amar Singh Ji was born on the 1st November, 1942 at Chakar Village, in the District Ludhiana of Punjab, India. His father was Sardar Bakhtawar Singh while his mother was Mata Bhagwan Kaur. He was originally named as Sarup Singh but after partaking "Amrit" the "Panj Piaraes" changed it to Amar Singh.

He was only eight years of age when his parents died. He started to visit Nanaksar Darbar, Kalera Village at Jagraon of Ludhiana District, Punjab (India) with his paternal uncle. At the age of twelve he moved permanently to Nanaksar Dera (Centre). Here he was given the duty of reciting "Sukhmani Sahib Path" by Baba Isher Singh Ji. He got special training for harmonium and tabla (kirtan) for two years under the guidance of Giani Kehar Singh who was a very proficient ragi. He was also sent to Dodara Village near Nanaksar where there were many good and well versed "ragis". Here Baba Ji received training and exposure in the singing of Sikh holy hymns. He was later sent to Bhai Jai Ram Singh, a good associate of Baba Isher Singh Ji, in Amritsar and received further one year training in the singing of hymns and delivery of Sikh religious knowledge under the instruction and guidance of Sardar Avatar Singh Naaz.

Baba Amar Singh Ji stayed at Nanaksar Kalera for nearly 14 years under close supervision of Baba Isher Singh Ji. During this period he spent nearly four and a half years learning Kirtan. Upon demise of Baba Isher Singh Ji, Baba Amar Singh Ji was sent to Barundi, the maternal village of Baba Isher Singh Ji to perform sewa and Kirtan. The devotees there and the adjoining villages virtually compelled Baba Amar Singh Ji to remain at Barundi to carry on with his preaching of Sikhism.

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