Sant Sujan Singh

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Sant Sujan Singh Ji had blessed an infinite multitude of kalyugi devotees,through his keertan, bringing them closer to the path of truth and the world of Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Sant Sujan Singh was blessed with a melodious voice and an unending love for gurbani. Sant Sujan Singh Ji Maharaj was born on 25th of October 1911 in Bagh Village , Jhang District (Pakistan). Maharaj ji enjoyed the blessings of Baba Nand Singh Ji (kaleraan wale), and gained spiritual enlightenment in the form of kirtan. Maharaj ji came to Delhi in 1949 and continued to bless the sangat of delhi with his kirtan. On 1st jan 1970 he left for his eternal abode. Devotees still continue to listen the recordings of Maharaj ji's kirtan , and enjoy eternal presence through the kirtan

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Title Length Plays
Waho Waho Gobind Singh Ji 58:36 13,229
Ram Japo Ji Aisey Aisey 13:11 6,414
Preet Preet Guriya 11:24 5,985