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Saran Sandhu

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My official name is Sujan Singh Sandhu. In music world I am known by name Saran Sandhu. I live in Delhi, India. My age is 65 years. I have qualifications in Finance. 

I retired as General Manager [Finance] from Airports Authority of India. Music is my hobby. I sing hindi and punjabi songs. I play flute. I play keyboard. I have my home studio where I do audio recordings. Editing video is also my hobby. Devotional music is my forte. 

I am admin of a group called 'Higher MIND'  with 2k+ members.  We discuss issues pertaining to spirituality and higher values of life in this group. 

I was GM at Mumbai Airport when my first album was released by Sony Music Intl' with title ECSTASY. It has been played extensively in Airport lounges.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Satnam Waheguru Holy Chants 5:26 553
Nam Khumari Nanaka Charhi Rahai Din Raat 3:57 424