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Sat Atma Kaur

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With Adays, spanish singer and Yogini Sat Atma Kaur
presents her debut album. She brings the well-selected Kundalini Yoga
Mantras partly like a ballad, partly like a joyous folk song to the
heart and mood of the listener. Carried mainly by acoustic instruments
like guitars, bass, percussion, tambura, sitar and the authentic singing
vocals, Sat Atma creates a wonderful live character which is at one
point melancholic and thoughtful, and then again rhythmically-upbeat and
in this way travels a wide distance between musical styles. The
inspiration and power of the mantras is carried throughout, like a
shining light.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Guru Gaitri Mantra 6:06 3,211
Mool Mantra 6:04 2,663
Ap Sahae Hoa 6:24 1,635
Adays Tisai Adays 8:20 1,207
Sa Re Sa Sa 6:27 1,090
Kal Akal 6:59 935
Tere Meher Da Bolana 6:55 742



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