Shiuli Subaya

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In a former life in Bombay, 13 yrs ago, Shiuli Subaya had a career as an actress and pop singer, with a few No 1 hits under her belt. Since coming to London, she has made in-depth explorations in the fields of Karnatic music, Kundalini Yoga, 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance, Movement Medicine & Reflexology, and all of this naturally enters into her work as a Yoga Therapist, having trained under Yogi SAA Ramaiah at The Kriya Babaji Nagaraj Holistic Hospital in Tamil Nadu, India.Currently she is apprenticing her teachers Susannah & Yaacov Darling Khan with the School of Movement Medicine, Devon UK & working on an album of mantras and ancient songs, singing regularly in rituals and ceremonies & continuing her training in the South Indian Classical tradition of Karnatic music under her Guru, Prof T V Gopalakrishnan. Shiuli is committed to helping us discover more of ourselves through sound, movement and touch, supporting us to fully understand and integrate the different aspects of ourselves and the elemental forces of the universe that play through us.

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Wahe Guru 8:24 14,874
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