Sirgun Kaur

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 Sirgun Kaur's childhood of constant travel, living as an expat in France, has taught her to be abundantly grateful for her own voice. After all, our voice is the most portable, most readily available, and clearest expression of our soul. When we sing in a devotional way, we find the home we have always been seeking, inside our own heart. Sirgun knows how these sacred mantras can lift us beyond the limited reality we are used to, into a blissful and ecstatic space, and she lives to share that experience with others.

This past year, her voice has gotten international recognition at White Tantric Yoga events, where her song "Bliss" was selected as the soundtrack to the KRI promotional DVD "Facets of the Master," played at each break.

Her newest musical release is "The Music Within", with Sat Darshan Singh, and is available for download and for purchase here.

Sirgun is also a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, one of the organizers for Bhakti Fest, a blog writer for Spirit Voyage, and an extremely grateful earthling. She lives in Pheonix, AZ.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Aad Guray Nameh 12:37 15,259
SAT NAM JI 11 min 11:34 13,856
Mera Man Lochai 7:20 7,857
Aakhan Jor (God & Me) 9:41 7,193
Raj Karega Khalsa 11:54 4,708
Bliss (I Am The Light of My Soul) 8:11 4,447
Mere man a loche 9:58 4,237
Total Surrender 6:03 4,129
Guru Ram Das 9:47 3,844
Amul 4:21 3,718