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Siri Shabad Singh

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Siri studied Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan, Guru Hans Singh, Guru Ram Singh, Guru Ram Kaur, Karta Singh, Shiv Charan Singh and many other teachers since 1977. He qualified as a Kundalini Yoga instructor in 1983 and has been teaching this technique since then.

He offers workshops and helps with the training of yoga instructors under International School of Kundalini Yoga (iSKY).

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Ra Ma Da Sa 21:52 8,718
Wahe Guru Wahe Jio 22:38 7,192
Tav Prasad Sawaiye 13:03 7,126
Mul Mantra 7:40 6,138
Long Ek Ong Kar 7:32 5,915
Tantric Har 14:00 5,552
Guru Ram Das Chant 5:35 5,544
Rakhe Rakhan Har 7:27 4,687
Har Hari 12:20 3,429
Sat Siri, Siri Akal 7:30 2,859