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Stefanosis Hansraj Singh

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Stefanosis (Hansraj Singh) is a multi-instrumentalist and emerging artist from the West with a heart for the East, expressed in the musical form of mantras and world music. His signature style has developed over years of soul-searching and experimenting with home-recording. With a new artistic name and direction ('Stefanosis' is a name combining the name 'Stefanos' and the word 'gnosis') he blends East-Indian, Turkish and even Andalusian elements with traditional percussion instruments such as a bhangra dhol, dumbek, oud and Tibetan singing bowls. This music can be used for meditation and chanting since much of it comes from the Kundalini yoga tradition, but the real inspiration comes from interpreting sacred music from his unique perspective. From the Sufis to the Yogis, the goal of this music is to speak the universal language and take the listener to the East and beyond.

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