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Sukha was formed in 2011 by husband and wife team Nicole (Sukhmani) and Steven (Sukhman). They met in Boston in the late 1990’s and have been writing and playing music ever since! Once they discovered the beauty of Kundalini Yoga in 2009, they knew they wanted to help inspire others through Kundalini Yoga music, mantra and sound. Nicole is also an active E-RYT, Kundalini Yoga teacher in Southern California and Steven is an avid yogi. They feel blessed to be joined by the talented musicians and yogis, Eliza Shah on harp and vocals and Kenneth Oberholtzer on violin.

Nicole and Steven draw their inspiration from many different styles of music. Music is love. They incorporate Sanskrit and Gurmukhi mantras as well as English lyrics. Their goal is to elevate others with positive musical energy and meditative mantras.

Their new album "Rise" is complete and was released by Spirit Voyage Music on March 11th, 2016. They are currently in the studio working on a new album.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Wahe Guru 4:56 15,371
Sat Kriya 11:58 5,497
Aap 9:18 4,572
Mul Mantra 11:29 4,274
Laya Yoga 5:42 3,421
Adi Shakti 5:48 3,288
Dharti Hai 6:33 2,740
Sat Narayan 8:04 1,887
Om Mani Padme Hum 7:31 1,860
Cusp 6:09 1,555



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