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Super Karma

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Super Karma was started by Sabrina Sosa de Brer a Kundalini yoga
teacher, singer, songwriter and artist. Longing for a little sabor in
the selection of yogic music offered, she started chanting mantras to
her favorite Mexican and Latin songs. Delighted with the result she
enlisted her fellow band mates from the group Roxy Especial and
writing/arranging began. Jamieson Trotter (a ludicrously talented
arranger, pianist and producer) and Roxy Trotter (his wife and Sabrina’s
sister) developed Super Karma into what you hear now. With the
support of Luna Records, LLC., the likes of musicians such as Quetzal
Flores (from Quetzal), Paul Gonzalez (the percussionist for Paulina
Rubio and others) and Bassist Leo Nobre (Shakira) created a sound that
is untouchable in it’s grooves and authenticity.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Waheguru 11:01 7,662
Aad Gureh Nameh 7:09 2,647
Long Time Sun 2:24 2,560
Ra Ma Da Sa 7:07 2,098
Long Time Sun (Spanish) 2:25 1,903
Wha Yantee 6:52 1,530



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