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Taren Kaur (UK)

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Taren Kaur is a Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Playback Singer and Spiritual Singer from the U.K. Influenced by Music from a young age and growing up with a Musical Father, she taught herself how to play the guitar, and after a short time began to write her own songs and lyrics, starting her musical journey as a Singer-Songwriter in 2008. She continued studying music and developing her sound for the next few years, going into English Playback Singing, with her music being published and gaining success in the mainstream media such as within the Hollywood Film Industry. 

Never forgetting her roots, she continued to be inspired by Gurbani Shabad Kirtan, performing Kirtan professionally across the world, and plays the guitar as her vocal accompaniment. It is a wish of hers to take Kirtan to a new level, and inspire the younger and next generation to listen to and sing Gurbani, with the hope that creating a new contemporary western style of Kirtan will help to encourage the youth and sangat to connect to God and want to find out more about Sikhi. 

Taren Kaur also continues to write songs in English on various topics, including about life and spirituality, aspiring to also help others learn about Sikhi and the Guru’s teachings, and to share with the world her deep passion and love for music.

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