Veer Bhupinder Singh

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Veer Bhupinder Singh Ji, a civil engineer himself is trying his level best to make us aware of this abundant treasure of life lying within us and also using it at an appropriate time to nullify the sadistic, depressed and aggressive state of mind. He conducts mind balancing seminars, lectures, discourses and one to one dialogue with people of all age groups at various schools, colleges, gatherings and congregations not only in India but around the globe. His simple approach to negotiate the problem of any magnitude makes easier for every person to gather enough strength to solve the same without stressing oneself. With vast experience after having met so many people, listening to their problems and then with full sincerity and warmth, finding a suitable solution under the guidance of the universal truth i.e. Gurbani has become his passion. 

He has also written a number of books on variety of subjects of common interest in Punjabi, Hindi and English. Most of his lectures are available in the form of Audio CDs, Video CDs, MP3s and DVDs and also on the website
On great demand from many, his programmes are being telecast daily on Chardikla Time TV from 9 to 9:30 AM [IST].

Growing with love and encouragement from people of all walks of life, we at The Living Treasure will continue this effort to smoothen the ups and downs of life for our self and for the generations to come. Suggestions and ideas to promote this noble cause are always welcome.



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