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Wade Imre Morissette

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Wade Imre Morissette was born in Ottawa, Canada, just minutes before his
twin sister Alanis. The twins took to music at an early age; Wade
studied piano as a child and took on guitar and djembe in his teens, but
their paths diverged when Wade began to study yoga.

From the
time he was a small child, Wade was in search of a practice that would
help him connect to his spirit, trying everything from karate to tai
chi. It wasn't until Wade's college roommate handed him a book by the
name of The Mystic Path To Cosmic Powers that he decided to dedicate the
next decade of his life to learning and teaching yoga, but his musical
background would soon resurface.

During one of Wade's many
visits to India, he began to travel on the path of Devotional Yoga and
started chanting, a process that stills the mind, dissolves worries, and
opens the heart. "It's a natural way to tune into the frequency of
love," says Wade.

He realized he could combine his two
passions--yoga and music--to create his own original blend of indie
rock/pop music with Sanskrit and English chants. "My first concerts were
in India, and people would come up to me and say that my music touched
their hearts. I decided to take my music to different yoga studios
across the world," Wade explains.

In 2004, Wade was asked to
be an ambassador for Lululemon, the popular yoga-inspired athletic
apparel company. At the same time, he had self-released his debut album,
Sargam Scales of Music. Wade quickly developed an idea for a world tour
to promote both his album and the clothing line; Lululemon immediately
signed on as a sponsor. The Lululemon Yoga Pilgrimage kicked off in 2005
and took Wade to Tokyo, Hong Kong and 32 cities in North America and
continued on through early 2006 with stops in Thailand, Australia, New
Zealand and Mexico. At each stop, Wade spread his message of optimism,
well-being, consciousness, and community through Vinyasa Flow workshops,
chanting, kirtan (call-and-response singing), and bliss dance.

In the midst of Wade's world traveling, Nettwerk Music Group CEO and
yoga enthusiast Terry McBride kept hearing Wade's music in yoga class in
Vancouver, but couldn't find the album. The two connected in late 2006,
and Wade signed on with Nettwerk Records to release his second album,
Strong as Diamonds: Om Vajra Kaya Namaha. While Wade's debut release
explores a sense of longing and self-discovery, Strong as Diamonds: Om
Vajra Kaya Namaha is less introspective. "This release is more about
celebrating, gratitude and lifting one's spirit," says Wade. "It has a
lot more energy and it's sunnier, but it's still soulful."

Already making appearances at yoga conferences, retreats and studios
around the world, Wade will tour North America this summer in support of
the album. At each performance, he begins with bliss dance and ends
with a kirtan. Wade, on guitar and harmonium, sings out a phrase; the
audience responds until the musicians and audience mesh. He also
performs several of his own songs for those who prefer to listen and

Wade has been practicing and teaching yoga for 13
years. He has completed Iyengar, Classical Ashtanga and Ashtanga-Vinyasa
yoga teacher training. He has studied Vinyasa, Viniyoga, Anusara, and
Kriya yoga, as well as zazen, Vedic Chanting, and active movement and
sound meditations with some of the best-known teachers in Canada, North
America, and India. He is also a Reiki master, certified Phoenix Rising
yoga therapist, and Viniyoga Therapist. He leads teacher trainings,
workshops, retreats, and music-dance evenings internationally. He is
currently working on his first book, Living Your Joy, and planning a
series of motivational seminars.

With features in Yoga Journal
and Macleans Magazine and appearances on Entertainment Tonight Canada,
BCTV and Toronto's Yoga Series, CTV's E Talk Daily Canada, and CBC Radio
in Canada, Wade has established himself as a sought-after yoga
instructor and talented musician. He has also been covered by the
Vancouver Courier, The Province, Globe and Mail, The Sun and Shared
Vision in Vancouver, and his music is heard often on

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