Guru says that slanderers will destroy themselves. 

The way in which they destroy themselves, is when poison comes out of you, you immerse yourself in poison. Your thoughts are poison, your words are poisoned. Your presense is filled with poison, and over time you poison yourself. You can't live in poison and not absorb it. If you are always trashing someone, you are living in trash, you eat trash. 

What does that mean? It's a matter of time of when you are going to die. The question is how you are going to die. Do you want to die in poison and trash?  

If you don't want to eat poison, don't listen to poison. The moment you listen to a slanderer, or your listen to someone trash someone else, and you don't elevate the situation, that poison goes in you. And even worse is when you repeat it to someone else. 

So we have a habit to poison ourselves. It's like junk food. It's tasty, but it kills you. When you eat junk food, your body goes. If you think junk, your mind goes. If you want a junk mind and body it's your choice. 

There is a purity in life. A divine sacredness and purity lives within you. It's an altar inside of you that can never be sullied, or defiled. When you bow to the Guru, you are bowing to a mirror of that altar within yourself. 

 Why do we clean the Gurdwara? We set up the ramalas, and make everything clean, because we honor the purity of the Shabad. Would you come in the Gurdwara and put dirt in front of the Guru and make things a mess? So why do you want to pollute yourself with slander. Don't be a junk human. Be a pure human. Purity is within you. Choose to live within your own purity. When you do that nothing can touch or pollute your purity.

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