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Aasaa mehalaa 5 |
Arjan Devjee Maharaj is blessing us in aasaa raag. Sathiguru Maharaj sahibjee the shabad,

Saaee alakh apaar bhoree man vasai |
That saaee - that Lord God is alakh - is beyond our knowledge, beyond the reach of our mind, cannot be known through our senses, Waheguru is beyond all of these things, apaar - there is no limit to Waheguru. bhoree man vasai - but Sathiguru Sahibjee says that even if bhoree - for a small amount of time if Waheguru's Naam - Waheguru's naam was to abide in my man - in my mind, even for a tiny amount of time if I was to be completely focused upon the name of God then,

Dhookh dharadh rog maae maiddaa habh nasai |1|
Dhook - all of my pains - the pain of rebirth: of coming and going on this world, dharadh - the pains which we feel throughout these lives created by ego, created by desire, created by anger, hatred, all of these things which well up inside us, which burn us, rog - all of the diseases, all of the pains, the mental and spiritual diseases as well as the physical diseases which manifest from the welling up of hatred and ego - all of these things inside us, maae - O my mother! This is like a soul bride telling her mother the greatness, the glory of her husband Lord maiddaa habh nasai - maiddaa means mine, habh - all nasai - disappear. What is Guru jee saying? That if even for a second, even for a minute, even for a moment if you were to single-mindedly, completely, with complete focus meditate upon the Lord then all of your pains will disappear. Guru sahibjee is saying that even if you take Guru's mantar, the Guru's word into your life and you just focus yourself upon that bhoree - upon that tiny, that small word, that one mantar then if you were to do it with complete devotion, with complete love, all of your pains, all of your disease, all of these pains of rebirth would fall away, would not afflict you. Sathiguru Sahibjee says,

Ho vannjaa kurabaan saaee aapanae |
Aapanae - to my Lord Waheguru, my Lord God I am vannjaa kurabaan - I am a sacrifice. What does that mean? I am completely devoted to Waheguru, to nothing else, only single-mindedly, with complete mind, body and soul to Waheguru; saaee aapanae - to my Lord and master.

Hovai anadh ghanaa man than jaapanae |1| rehaao |
You can gain ghanaa - the greatest anadh, the greatest peace, the greatest pleasure, the greatest happiness which never falls away. Man than jaapanae - if with your man - your mind, your body; then, jaapanae - you meditate upon Waheguru, you repeat His name with your tongue physically and mentally listen to the name of God with your mind. Rehaao - Guru jee says pause and think about this.

Bindhak gaal isunee sachae this dhanee | Sookhee hoon sukh paae maae n keem ganee |2|
There are two main ways of looking at this tuk. Guru sahibjee says, of that sachae this dhanaee - of that eternal dhanee - that eternal master, if we were to isunee - to hear even bindhak gaal - a tiny amount of gaal - a tiny amount of news of that Waheguru. Where can we hear the news of Waheguru from? - From Gurbani. Guru Sahibjee tells us, Kahu naanak karathae keeaa baathaa - these are all stories of God. Guru Sahibjee says even if you cannot remember all 1430 Angs of Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj, at least take one shabad into your life, at least learn one bani, at least pick up on something. Something that you may hear in a sehaj paath, something that you may hear in daily nitnem, something that you may hear in the keertan in the gurudwara, bindhak gaal isunee - even by listening to that one tiny amount, O mother I can find the greatest peace, sookhee hoon sukh - the greatest happiness of all, the happiness which will never fade away. N keem ganee - the value of which will never fade away, can never be counted, it cannot be counted up, you cannot say oh this is this much price because it is priceless. On the other side:

Bindhak gaal isunee sachae this dhanee | Sookhee hoon sukh paae maae n keem ganee |2|
Even if Waheguru was to hear my gaal - one of my prayers, sachae this dhanee - the one that wahegurujee accepts, when I single mindedly offer a prayer to God then sookhee hoon sukh paae - then I can find the greatest peace. Maae n keem ganee - the price of that single-minded ardaas, single-minded prayer cannot be offered up, it's priceless.

Nain pasandho soe paekh musathaak bhee |
Nain - to my eyes, pasandho - that one Waheguru, that Lord God is pasandho - is pleasing to my eyes. This world fills my eyes fills my eyes with images of hatred, lust and anger but to see God would bring cooling, soothing peace to my eyes. Paekh musathaak bhee - when I was blessed with the vision of God, musathaak bhee - I completely fell in love with Akaal Purakh. Musathaak means to be completely in love, to be head over heels in love with Akaal Purakh, with Lord God. Sathiguru jee carries on and says,

Mai niragun maeree maae aap larr laae lee |3|
O mother, O maae mai niragun - I am niragun - I have no virtues. I have no positive virtues aap larr laae lee - it was Waheguru jee Himself who attached me to their larr - to their robe, to the hem of their robe, who gave me this larr - this hem of the robe. What is the hem of the robe? God's name! If you've grabbed hold of God's name then you've grabbed hold of hem of the robe of God.

Baedh kathaeb sansaar habhaa hoon baaharaa |
Sathiguru Sahibjee says that the holy Vedas - the holy Koran - God cannot be mapped out in any of these scriptures. Not just in these in particular, Gurujee is talking about scriptures of the world - there cannot be a complete description which says this is it because ultimately God is beyond any description. God is indescribable. Kahu kabeer goongai gurr khaaeiaa pooshae thae kiaa keheeai - what can the dumb person say, the person who cannot speak, when they eat sugar. They cannot describe that taste. Those people who have tasted the essence of love, the essence of God's love, only they can know it truly, only they can describe it fully. Sansaar - if we were to say that this creation is the limit of God, no! Before this creation was created God was there, when all of this creation will fall away God will still be there, habhaa hoon baaharaa - God is beyond all of these things of creation.

Naanak kaa paathisaahu dhisai jaaharaa |4|3|105|
But at the same time Sathiguru Arjan Sahibjee says that those people who have meditated upon God single-mindedly, what do they say? Naanak kaa paathisaahu - my Lord, king, master, God, Waheguru dhisai jaaharaa - is with me at all times, is jaaharaa - is present in all.

Baedh kathaeb sansaar habhaa hoon baaharaa |
Naanak kaa paathisaahu dhisai jaaharaa |4|3|105|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!