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Dhanaasaree mehalaa 5 l
Beloved saadhasangath jio, Sathiguru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj is speaking to us today. Maharaj Sahib Jee is speaking through the Dhanaasaree ragini. Maharaj Sahib Jee begins the shabad.

Maeraa laago raam sio haeth l
Heath means love, laago means to be attached, raam sio means with That Waheguru Who is pervading through all. Sathiguru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj is explaining this avasthaa, this state of pure Love, of Divine Love with Akaal Purakh. What it is to Love in this state, what it is to be blessed with this state of complete True Love. Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee says maeraa laago raam sio haeth, I have fallen completely in True Love with Akaal Purakh, with The Lord God, That One Waheguru That pervades through all.

Sathigur maeraa sadhaa sehaaee jin dhukh ka kaattiaa kaeth l 1 l
How is this possible? Mera - my, Eternal Guru Sathiguru is sadhaa - forever and ever, is sehaaee, is my protector, is always my support. Sehaaee can mean The One Who protects, The One Who nourishes and cherishes, The One Who looks after, The One Who is the support. My Guru, my True Guru is the One Who is supporting me, Who blessed me with this love, Who blessed me with the Name of The Lord, who embedded this love inside me. My True Guru, the Eternal Guru, my protector forever and ever has kaattiaa, has torn down, has cut away the kaeth. Kaeth has a few different meanings. Kaeth can mean house according to some gianees, it can also mean a flag, a nishaan, and it can also mean a comet. How does this relate to the shabad? My True Guru, the eternal protector has ripped away, has torn down this house of pain which I've built over many lifetimes. Many lifetimes, I've commited bad deeds, bad actions, and what is the fruit of my actions? Another brick is laid upon this house of pain. What is the house of pain? Birth, death, anxieties, the attacks of desire, ego, hatred, attachment, greed. That is the house of pain, which gives me pain continually, in which I abide. The Guru has torn this out, and given me his protection, given me his sharan. And if we look at it from another way, the Guru has torn down the flag pole, he has torn down the banners of pain. It was as if pain ruled my life. Flag pole symbolises a kingdom. The Guru, my protector has taken away the kingdom of pain. My life was governed by pain, everything in my life was dictated by pain, I was always suffering, and this kingdom of pain has been taken from my life; I have been blessed with this. With the third interpretation, a comet is seen in astrological terms as a very bad sign. Although gurmat doesn't believe in all these things, Maharaj Sahib Jee is giving the example that worldly people look towards comets , look towards the stars and say astrological things, but Maharaj Sahib Jee says that for me, the greatest disaster in my life, the greatest comet soaring above me was this comet of pain, the pain of death, the pain of anxiety, the pain of ego, the pain of hatred, the pain of intolerance, these were the pains in my life, and the Guru has kaattiaa, has removed these from my life.

rehaao l
Rehaao - Guru Sahib Jee says pause and think about this.

Haath dhaee raakhiou apunaa kar birathaa sagal mittaaee l
How does the Guru protect us we may ask. Guru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj says haath dhaee. Just like a mother and father, if a child is about to put one of his limbs into fire, what does the mother do with that hand? She pulls the child away quickly. In the same way, the Guru gives us his own hand to protect us from the fires of desire, anger, hatred, ego, pain; just like the long story of Bhai Joga Singh. When Bhai Joga Singh was about to be totally engulfed by desire, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj stood there, themselves to protect their beloved Sikh, so Guru piaareo, haath dhaee raakhiou apunaa kar. There are countless stories of those who have been protected by the Guru, like Bhai Devi Das. When hot iron rods were being shoved into his eyes, he was thinking of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj and he was not touched. There are countless more stories where Sathiguru Maharaj Jee themselves protects their Sikhs, doesn't send anyone else, but goes themselves running. When the most respected Bhai Manj Jee fell down the well, Sri Guru Arjun Dev Jee ran themselves to get Bhai Manj out of the well. Haath dhaee, with their own hands. Even now, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj with their own hands protects their Sikhs, protects their beloved devotees. Apunaa kar - they make you their own. What does that mean? We are not the adopted sons of the Guru. We are not the adopted daughters of the Guru. The Guru has made us his own. Guru Gobind Singh Jee gave up their four sons, the beloved Sahibzaadey so we could sit in his laps. That is how the Guru saves us, that is how the Guru protects us. Birathaa sagal mittaaee. Birathaa - all of our pains, all of our woes, all of our worries, sagal - all of them mittaaee - the Guru wipes them away, eradicates them.

Nindhak kae mukh kaalae keenae jan kaa aap sehaaee l 1 l
Maharaj Sahib Jee states the facts here, about those who engage in nindhia and slander. What is nindhia? Many definitions have been given of nindhia. If we look into the meaning of nindhia, it has been described by some as calling what is white, black. Others have said that nindhia is not seeing something with your own eyes, but hearing it from someone else, and repeating it. You haven't seen that someone has committed a certain sin, but you heard it, and you think that's good enough to carry it on and pass on the information. Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee says, O my mind, do not engage in slander. Again and again Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee tells us that nindyaa is one of the lowest, one of the most demeaning and dishonouring things to do, and Maharaj Sahib Jee says nindhak kae mukh kaalae keenae. The faces of those who enagage in slander are made kaalae, are blackened. What does this mean? That they are dishonoured in the next world. Even within this world, they do not see the soot upon their faces, the darkness of these sins, but it is stuck to them at all times. That filth cannot be washed away without the grace of the Guru, without them falling in front of the Guru. Jan kaa aap sehaaee. On the other hand, that being who lives his life in humility, Waheguru Jee is sehaaee, He is always their protector, always cherishing them, always looking after them.

Saachaa saahib hoaa rakhavaalaa raakh leeeae kanth laae l
When That saachaa, when That Eternal Sahib Master has become the rakhavaalaa, has become my protector, raakh leeeae, how does he protect us? Kanth laae. So personal this protection, it's not like He sends anyone else, Waheguru Jee themselves kanth laae - means to take into His embrace. Waheguru Jee takes His beloveds and take them into His embrace, unites them with Himself, gives them union, that protection, and that love.

Nirabho bheae sadhaa sukh maanae naanak har gun gaae l 2 l 17 l
Sathiguru Maharaj Guru Arjun Dev Jee says that by singing the gun, the virtues; gaae means to sing, gun means the virtues, of Hari, That Waheguru Who is the nourisher and cherisher of all, you will be blessed with that state of nirabhao, of fearlessness. Sadhaa sukh maanae - and you will maanae, you will enjoy sadhaa sukh - Eternal Happiness, Eternal Bliss, not happiness which is followed by sadness, and happiness and sadness and backwards and forwards. No. If you engage in meditation upon The Lord, day in day out, focus and dedicate your life to the Guru, then along with this state of fearlessness, all of your pains will dissolve, and you will gain that state of sadhaa sukh, of Eternal Happiness, of Eternal Bliss.

Saachaa saahib hoaa rakhavaalaa raakh leeeae kanth laae l
Nirabho bheae sadhaa sukh maanae naanak har gun gaae l 2 l 17 l

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.