Bilaaval mehalaa 5 ||
Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj is blessing us today. Sathiguru Maharaj Jee begins the shabad -

Pi(n)gul parabath paar parae khal chathur bakeethaa ||
Guramukh piaareyo, in this shabad today Sathiguru Maharaj Jee talks about the glory of being united with The Guru, the power of The Guru, and the power of The Guru's beloved gursikhs. Those saints, those devotees, those beloved souls who have meditated upon Waheguru, who have meditated upon The Guru, and through The Guru upon Waheguru, The Lord God. The glory of The Guru, and the glory of keeping in the company of The Guru's beloved saints. It is the glory of The Guru, and the glory of The Guru's Sikhs, The Guru's sangat that Guru Sahib Jee is talking about in this shabad. Maharaj Jee begins, Pi(n)gul parabath paar parae khal chathur bakeethaa. Pi(n)gul means crippled, parabath means mountain, paar parae means to cross over. Sathiguru Arjun Sahib Jee says that those pi(n)gul, those cripples who have met with The Guru, can paar parae, can cross over a mountain. If we look in Sikh history, we can see the story of a cripple, of a leper who met Sathiguru Nanak Sahib Jee and then climbed up the mountains of Nushehra.

By meeting Sathiguru Sahib Jee, his disease, his pains were taken away. Khal means a person who has very little knowledge, a fool. Chatur means knowledgeable, bakeethaa means speaker. Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee says in the same way that poor unfortunate soul who does not know a thing, that fool, who meets with The Guru, who is united with The Guru, who falls at The Guru's feet, The Guru can transform that foolish person into a knowledgeable speaker. Just as Sathiguru Harkrishan Sahib Jee Maharaj, the eighth Guru Nanak, at Sri Panjokhraa Sahib they touched their stick upon the head of Chhaju Jheevar, a poor man who had no knowledge of any scriptures or any writing even, he hadn't gone to school at all. He couldn't even speak. The Guru put their stick upon his head, and that person who couldn't speak one clear word, one clear syllable, that Chhaju Jheevar started reciting translations and started speaking knowledgeable discourse about the Hindu scripture, the Bhagvad Gita. In the same way, Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee is saying, those human beings who are pi(n)gul, who are crippled, who internally do not have legs of faith and devotion, those human beings who do not have that devotion for God, parabath paar parae - even they can cross over the mountain of ego. How? If they meet The Guru, with the grace of The Guru. Sathiguru Maharaj Jee says khal chathur bakeethaa. Those people who are completely ignorant of the devotion of God, they can become chathur, they can gain the knowledge of the spiritual wisdom, if the meet The Guru, if they fall to The Guru's feet, with the Grace of The Guru.

A(n)dhhulae thribhavan soojhiaa gur bhaett puneethaa ||1||
A(n)dhhulae means blind person. Tribhavan means all three worlds, all around. Soojhiaa means to see. The blind can see everything. If we look at history again in the time of Sri Hargobind Sahib Jee, the sixth Guru Nanak Sahib, there was a blind man who applied the dust upon the Guru's blessed jode, The Guru's blessed shoes to his eyes and he could see. The blind can see, this is the grace of The Guru, the power of that embodiment of God. Remember, Sathiguru Nanak Dev Jee tells us in Asa Ki Vaar, sathigur vich aap rakhioun, that God Himself is residing with The Guru. A(n)dhhulae thribhavan soojhiaa - the dust of The Guru's feet can make the blind see, and spiritually those people who are a(n)dhhulae, those people who do not have the eyes of spiritual wisdom, who are in the darkness of spiritual ignorance, tribhavan soojhiaa, by attaching themselves to The Guru, they gain understanding of tribhavan, of all three worlds, of everything. They gain the understanding of spiritual wisdom. Gur bhaett puneethaa, those people who have bhaett, who have united with, who have met with, who have fallen into the protection of The Guru, they've become puneethaa, puneethaa means purified. Their sins have been washed away by meeting with The Guru. The crippled has crossed across the mountain, the foolish man has become a knowledgeable speaker, the blind can see, on an external and internal level, because they are purified by The Guru's Grace.

Mehimaa saadhhoo sa(n)g kee sunahu maerae meethaa ||
O my meethaa, O my friends, sunahu - listen to the mehimaa - to the glory of the sa(n)g, of the company saadhhoo, the greatest saint of all saints, The Guru, and The Guru's beloved Sikhs, The Guru's beloved guramukhs, The Guru;s beloved saadhhoos. Saadhhoo meaning those people who have conquered their minds, listen to the glory of sitting in the company, of sitting in the sangat of The Guru and His beloved gursikhs, and His beloved saints. All of these things happen through falling into the protection of The Guru and His beloved saints.

Mail khoee kott agh harae niramal bheae cheethaa ||1|| rehaao ||
Mail khoee, all of your mail, all of your filth, of many sins over many lifetimes, khoee - is washed away. Kott agh harae, kot means countless, millions, agh means vices within, the worst sins, the mail, the filth upon your mind, the agh, the deepest darkest sins have all harae, are immediately removed. Niramal bheae cheethaa. The cheethaa, the consciousness is niramal. Niramal - without filth, purified by coming into the sangat, by coming into the company of The Guru and His beloved saints, His gursikhs. Rehaao - Guru Sahib Jee says pause and think about this today.

Aisee bhagath govi(n)dh kee keett hasathee jeethaa ||
Aisee bhagath govi(n)dh kee , this is the bhagathee, this is the devotional worship, this is the nature of the worship of That Gove(n)dh, of That Waheguru. keett hasathee jeethaa, keett means an ant, hasathee means an elephant, jeethaa means to win. The ant wins over the elephant. What does that mean? At the time of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee, Bhai Bachittar Singh Jee, although they are small in height, and they are thin, but with the grace of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj, they received the blessing of The Guru, and Bhai Bachittar Singh Jee faced the intoxicated elephant face on and sent the elephant packing. In the same way, keett hasathee jeethaa. This is the devotional worship of God, that keett, this soul is like an ant, that has no power, that is feeble, with the grace if The Guru, with the backing of The Guru, with the hand of The Guru on it's head, this ant, this soul can over the elephant of ego. This tiny feeble soul, with the Grace of The Guru, it can win over the elephant of ego within.

Jo jo keeno aapano this abhai dhaan dheethaa ||2||
Jo jo keeno aapano, those who have become aapanao, have been made God's own, how do you become God's own? By falling to the feet of The Guru, by recognising The Guru as thoo(n) maeraa pithaa thoo(n)hai maeraa maathaa - you are my father, you are my mother, you are my everything. You are my own, and you only have to say that once, you only have to believe that once, and then The Guru takes you in. Like Bhai Joga, Bhai Joga came into the presence of The Guru. When The Guru asked Jogeyaa, kehde joga? Joga means to be worthy of, to belong to. Who do you belong to? Bhai Joga said Sathiguru tere joga. I am worthy of You, I belong to You. Guru Gobind Singh Jee said Jogeyaa, je thoo Guru joga, fir Guru tere joga. If you belong to The Guru, then The Guru belongs to you. Those who become God's won, this abhai dhaan dheethaa - they are blessed with the dhaan, the gift of abhai, meaning fearlessness. Look at Bhai Mani Singh Jee, fearless in the face of death. Bhai Mati Das Jee, Bhai Sati Das Jee, countless examples, Bhai Taru Singh Jee. Fearless in the face of death, in the face of adversity.

Si(n)gh bilaaee hoe gaeiou thrin maer dhikheethaa ||
Si(n)gh, the lion, bilaaee - the cat, hoe gaeiou means to become a cat. Even the lion can become as tame as a cat. In the times of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee, there was a Sikh by the name of Bhai Bidhi Chand Jee who had complete and utter faith upon The Guru. One day when Bhai Bidhi Chand Jee was going through a certain city, Bhai Bidhi Chand Jee started organising satsangat, congregations, and they started meditating in that city. In the same city there lived a holy man by the name of Sundar Shah. He had tamed a lion, and he used to ride upon his lion and say look at my miraculous powers, I can tame this lion. He came in front of Bhai Bidhi Chand on this lion and thought that Bhai Bidhi Chand would be scared by this lion. Instead of scaring Bhai Bidhi Chand Jee, the lion was frightened, and meowed like a cat. Si(n)gh bilaaee hoe gaeiou, si(n)gh, this hatred, anger, all of these desires within you which are roaring all the time, with the grace of The Guru, they can purr like a cat. All of these desires within, which roar, which block out everything, which scare us so much, all of our fears, they can be taken away, with the grace of The Guru.

Si(n)gh bilaaee hoe gaeiou, those people who are fearful, who are meek like the cat, they can become Singhs, they can become lions. Like Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj did on the day of Vaisakhi. Guru Sahib Jee took those people who were downtrodden, who couldn't stand up for themselves, and made them into Singhs, into lions. Those people who used to bow down, and used to be downtrodden, meowing like cats, The Guru made them into lions. Thrin maer dhikheethaa. Thrin means one blade of grass, maer means mountain, dhikeethaa means to look at. With the Grace of The Guru, even the longest route, the greatest mountain, you can pass over it, it will only seem to you like a blade of grass, it will seem that small. That mountain of desires, of all the thieves within, those things that seem so hard, those desires that seem so hard to conquer, they will seem just like a blade of grass. They look so high and mighty, like a mountain. However, with The Guru's Grace, they can be crossed over. In the same way, those people who were lowly, who were thrin, like a blade of grass, with The Guru's Grace, they now look like mountains, they've reached the heights of the mountains. In the same way, those people who like Vali Kandhaari, tried to throw a rock at Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj, who were full of their own pride, full of their own ego, the Grace of The Guru has brought them down, and they now have the humility of a blade of grass.

Sram karathae dham aadt ko thae ganee dhhaneethaa ||3||
Those people who sram karathae, means to work for, dham aadt ko. Dham is short for dhamaree, which was the smallest amount of money, imagine a penny, a cent, even less than that, a fraction of that, a tiny amount of that. Some people translate it as shell as well, just something that is so worthless, dhamaree, the lowest form of currency. People who used to work hard, just to get half of that worthless shell, thae ganee dhhaneethaa. They have been counted, they have been ganee among the dhhaneethaa, the most wealthy with the grace of The Guru. When two children came in front of the seventh Guru, Sathiguru Har Rai Sahib Jee, Fool and Sadhulee. Those two children Fool and Sadhulee were naked, and they came in front of The Guru naked, just with a bit of loin cloth around them, covering them. They were beating their stomachs because they hadn't eaten and were hungry. When they were beating their stomachs, Guru Har Rai Sahib Jee said what are they asking for? They were orphans, and their uncle said they are asking for something to eat, they are orphans, they haven't got anyone to fend for them, they haven't anyone to feed them, they haven't got anything to call their own. Guru Har Rai Sahib Jee said one day they will be rulers. To this day, generation upon generation, lineage from them are the rulers of Patiala and Nabha, two states in Punjab. Those people who didn't have two pennies, thae ghanee dhhaneethaa, they are counted among the most wealthy. Bhagat Namdev Jee who used to work for half a dhamaree, for half a shell, for half a penny, thae ganee dhhaneethaa, today we count them among the most spiritually wealthy, today we bow down to Bhagat Namdev Jee when we bow down to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

Millions across the world bow down to Bhagat Namdev Jee everyday. Sathiguru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj is saying, those people who used to work for half a shell, who used to carry out all types of penances, like Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. Before they became Baba Banda Singh Jee, they were called Madho Das Bairaagi. Sram karathae, they used to go through all types of austerities, they used to do all types of jap tap, they used to do all types of penances to gain miraculous powers. Dham aadt ko, the Guru says ridhh sidhh avaraa saadh , these miraculous powers, they are nothing. For those people walking upon The Guru's path, they should be attached to God's love, these spiritual powers fall away, they fade away, they only create ego within the being. Madho Das Bairaagi that used to spend all his time trying to gather miraculous powers, he gave up those miraculous powers at the feet of Guru Gobind Singh Jee, thae ganee dhhaneethaa. Today we count them as one of the most spiritually wealthy people. In the Sikh panth, he is a jewel.

Kavan vaddaaee kehi sako baea(n)th guneethaa ||
Kavan, how much vaddaaee, how much glories kehi sako, can I speak of? Baea(n)th guneethaa, they are countless virtues of sitting in the sangat, sitting in the congregation of The Guru, and the congregation of the gursikhs.

Kar kirapaa mohi naam dhaehu naanak dhar sareethaa ||4||7||37||
When we enter into this congregation, we should do this ardas, we should have this supplication upon our tongues, kar kirapaa, please bless me with mercy, mohi naam dhaehu, please bless me with Your Name O God. Sathiguru Maharaj Jee says I am a sareethaa, I am a servant of your dhar, of your door. Sathguru Arjun Sahib Jee also says, we can take another meaning, with reethaa second, the pause before the word reethaa. Sathguru Sahib Jee says dharasa reethaa, the reethaa, the method of gaining the dharas, of gaining the blessed vision of God is by doing this ardas in the sangat, in the congregation of The Guru and the gursikhs. Kar kirapaa mohi naam dhaehu, doing this ardas, doing this prayer, O God, please bless me with Your kirapaa, with Your grace, and naam dhaehu, please bless me with Your grace, that I may meditate upon Your Name. This is the way of gaining the vision of God. So Sathiguru Sahib Jee in Hukamnama Sahib today is talking of the Glory of The Guru, the Glory of the gursikhs, and the Glory of the sangat.

Kavan vaddaaee kehi sako baea(n)th guneethaa ||
Kar kirapaa mohi naam dhaehu naanak dhar sareethaa ||4||7||37||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.

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