Judgement & Criticism in the Sikh Community


Welcome to The Sikh Coach Podcast, in this episode I catch up with Gurumustuk Singh the CEO & Founder of SikhNet.com, we talk about judgement & criticism in the Sikh Community.

Being a second generation Sikh, born to parents who took on the Sikh faith from Christian/Jewish backgrounds. He has experienced life growing up as a “white” Sikh in America, getting educated in India and taking SikhNet on it’s 24 year journey. No doubt he has faced judgements and criticism from society as a whole but also, within the Sikh community.  We talk about his experiences and insights and how his journey as a Sikh has evolved. Also, how to value each individuals journey as it is unique, and how we can start to change our perspective to accommodate all and truly be inclusive.

Gurumustuk Singh Started SikhNet.com in 1996 as a teenager out of high school during the beginning of the Web to bring much needed information to Sikh youth at the time. He has led the development and direction of SikhNet since it’s inception. SikhNet is now one of the oldest and the largest Sikh portals reaching millions a year.

SikhNet has evolved to become an innovative media company.  Among many other projects, he introduced SikhiWiki, Gurbani Media Center, The Karma Game, Audio Stories for Kids and the Youth Online Film Festival, which continue to serve the Sikh community today.

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