SOCH Mental Health


Welcome to Episode 7. SOCH Mental Health

We are joined today by Jasmeet Chagger & Maneet Chahal who are the founding members of SOCH Mental Health; based in Brampton, Canada the organisations mission is; to empower South Asian community members and other ethnic communities to recognize and accept mental health as an essential part of their wellness. .

Both Jasmeet and Maneet are registered nurses, who have both lived experiences with mental health in their families and are passionate about mental health.  They have created an amazing grassroots, community led initiative which is known as SOCH Mental Health which focuses on deconstructing stigma and creating an open space for mental health dialogue within ethnic communities.  They are on the cusp of something that started of as a local community initiative, but now with global potential!  Mental health support without borders.

To date SOCH has conducted over 40 mental health workshops, facilitated mental health events at Sikh Gurdwara's and started an international TV show called "Apni Soch" on The Sikh Channel.

You can find more information about SOCH and support them through their website:

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